Ghana new highway stretch with loan from Standard Chartered

Ghana has an advanced infrastructure platform when compared with other low-income countries in Africa. In an effort to establish itself as an important gateway to the West African market, the Ghanaian government is continuously making strides to improve the country’s infrastructure. With a bright future ahead on the African continent Ghana’s finance ministry has signed … Read more

Ghana Celebrates First Export


On January 4, Ghana organized an event to commemorate its first export under The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The trade agreement was established to create a seamless environment for trade across the Africa Union’s member nations. Ghana has now set the pace for other countries to follow suit. It is one of three … Read more

Renewable Energy in Mining


Africa Mining Forum recently held a discussion titled “Reshaping energy capital flows to drive positive investment into mining”. In this discussion the effects of COVID on the power sector was highlighted as well as Ghana’s Infrastructure Investment. Four things in the mining industry that are driving the power demand -Electricity demand from the mining sector is … Read more

Global Trade Review Award

In an export finance market traditionally focused on larger deals and blue-chip borrowers, this transaction is relatively small, highly structured and focused on supporting a mid-sized African supplier as it grows its business in its home market. Ghana Infrastructure Company Ltd (GIC) was last year bidding to sign contracts with the Ministry of Roads and … Read more

How will Africa recover from the COVID19?

Africa consists of rising countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana etc. Though these countries have gained economically since 2016, it is no hidden fact that these countries among others on the African continent are ridden with poverty, inequality and lack of basic infrastructure in specific regions. The COVID19 coronavirus pandemic has led to … Read more

Ghana – 2019’s fastest growing economy

Entering into the the second decade of the 20th century we once again find ourselves putting countries up against one another and according to an article by the World Economic Forum in 2019, Ghana was predicted to be the fastest growing economy on the African continent. The GDP growth of Ghana is largely associated to … Read more

Ghana – in the spotlight

Ghana’s economy has been growing at the rate of 5% since the early 1990s. The formal economy currently plays a small part in the employment sector with more numbers being identified in employed workers of the informal economy. One of the reasons for this could be the lack of laws to support the lower income … Read more