How will Africa recover from the COVID19?

Africa consists of rising countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana etc. Though these countries have gained economically since 2016, it is no hidden fact that these countries among others on the African continent are ridden with poverty, inequality and lack of basic infrastructure in specific regions. The COVID19 coronavirus pandemic has led to … Read more

Ghana – 2019’s fastest growing economy

Entering into the the second decade of the 20th century we once again find ourselves putting countries up against one another and according to an article by the World Economic Forum in 2019, Ghana was predicted to be the fastest growing economy on the African continent. The GDP growth of Ghana is largely associated to … Read more

Ghana – in the spotlight

Ghana’s economy has been growing at the rate of 5% since the early 1990s. The formal economy currently plays a small part in the employment sector with more numbers being identified in employed workers of the informal economy. One of the reasons for this could be the lack of laws to support the lower income … Read more